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A unit of “Chaithanya Mahila Mandali (CMM)”

Address: H.No:12-11-1586, Boudha Nagar, Siddartha Apartments, Jamai-Osmania Railway Station, Seethafalmandi-Post,
Secunderabad-500061. Telangana. Ph: +91 - 40 - 3258 2252,
Mobile : 9908582655 / 9396303756

Chaithanya Happy Home (CHH) is one of the projects of Chaithanya Mahila Mandali (CMM), which has been founded by Mrs.Jayamma. Mrs.Jayamma once was sold to Prostitution due to her Orphan hood and lacks of family support, which drived her to undergo, learn and experience all kinds of struggle within the few years before she could come out and establish this Organization in the year 2000.

A self struggled woman, soon received the support and Cooperation of likeminded Individuals, Electronic & Print Media, Social Organizations, Govt.Departments, and together now CMM has been saving hundreds of lives from the hands of Human Traffickers and from the deadly diseases of HIV/AIDS and TB by undertaking various programs in and around Hyderabad City, targeting the vulnerable section of the society.

As a self realized Person, felt the need to open a home which would provide a holistic child friendly services with the aim is to protect, educate and save- at least few among many innocent children who otherwise might face the life that she had faced due to their Orphan hood, born to and living with a deserted women who are forced/sold to Prostitution.

Chaithanya Happy Home has now 25 Children and open to keep 5 more girls at this phase (this year) and will expand in the years to come.
The Services that we long to be provided here are as follows.
Quality Education
Children have been given English Medium “Smart Class Concept “schooling at one of the reputed Schools (Sadasiva Concept School) at Mallikarjuna Colony, Old Bowenpally, Secunderabad as a day scholar basis
Psycho-Social Support
Qualified Staff are in place to look into Children needs, address growing –up Issues, to assess and provide Counseling time to time.
Quality Medical Care
Qualified team of Doctor, Nurse and Care Takers are put in place round the Clock.
Quality Nutrition Support
A well equipped Kitchen with trained cooks and dietician advised well balanced nutritious food being served without any compromise.
Quality Home with all the Facility
A hygienically maintained home ,having spacious play area with in-door and out- door games, TV, Yoga, Dance Classes, regular Outing to Parks,Musiums, Zoo and other Educative entertainments- twice in a month and etc.
 Who supports the Project
Chaithanya Happy Home has been self supported so far, and there is a new beginning of small deduction in School Fee by the Sada Siva School Management this year.( 2011-12)
CMM, currently seeks likeminded Individuals, Corporate Companies, Organizations ,Clubs , Associations’ and any other Well-wishers to collaborate with this endeavor of saving these deserving innocent lives, to bring-them up until they become independent and be able to Face and help the others who are living in similar situations.
 How you as a Partner be able to bring the Impact
Spread this Concept of saving lives- with your Friends, Colleagues, and Company Circles (Small Presentation, brief Visit to the C.H.Home, sending e-mails, SMS, putting them at your Web page, Blogs, Face Book and other Social Networking Sites)-this is the invaluable help that will continue to take the project forward.
Add this project as one of your Corporate Social Responsibilities Activity and come over to the home and spent time with the Children and engage them in different live activities and experience the smile /happiness of the children.
Come and Celebrate Birth Days of Yours/Loved Ones or the Inmates –which would bring indescribable happiness among the Children (Required: A cake, a pair of Cloths if Possible).
Take –them out for educative Entertainments, Shopping, Parks and etc during Week-ends and Holidays as this memory would never be lost.
Keep an Out Let at your Company, Shops, and at your Apartment Entrance to collect, cooking Provisions, Cloths ( New/Old but in good Condition) and other daily needs( and inform the Organization to collect it or come and hand them over to the concerned on registering the same at the donation Register which is available at the home).
Support a child for her school Fee- partially or Full or take one Component either Admission Fee, Monthly Fee , Text& Note Book, Uniform, Transportation Charges ( Total .Rs.32,000/- per year for Children Studying 5 th and above and Rs.29,000/- Children below 5 th Std).
Donate either in Kind or in cash to meet the Daily needs such as Milk, Rice, Atta, Refined Sun Flower Oil, Tuar Dall, Sugar, Horlicks, Milk, Vegetables, Seasonal Fruits and other related cooking materials.
Donate Cloths ( New or Used but in good Condition),Bed Sheets ,Rainy wears, etc
Donate either New or used Furniture such as Alamirah, Refrigerator, Solar Water Heater, Beds, R.O. Water Filter System,Computer Set, Toys and etc.

Donate in Cash, which would meet paying the maintenance of the Home, such as Rent, Electricity& Water Charges, Personnel Cost and other emergency needs arises now and then.
(Cash donation to CMM, has a Tax Exemption under section 80 G of Indian Income Tax Act)
(Crossed Cheque/DD should be addressed to “Chaithanya Mahila Mandali-(CMM)”.

Thanks for your invaluable time in reading this brief message and trust that we soon serve in collaborations in this precious endeavor of “Saving lives… Making A Difference!!!”
Please do contact us for more details…
We’ll be very happy to provide and work with you.