Our Major Campaigns (5 Ps)
Preventing of Trafficking of minor girls/children/ women
Creating awareness on Human trafficking to forced Prostitution
Sensitizing community on their basic rights
Sensitizing and Organizing advocacy meetings with Human traffickers and others in the organized network.
Assisting rescued women, children and Girls to find a better alternate and livelihood options (sending them back to home, offering them vocational trainings, job placements, etc.).
Referral services and Re-integration
Preventing of Children/Second Generation entering into forced Prostitution
Creating awareness among the women forced to be in Prostitution to keep their children safe and show a dignified life by allowing them to study and rose to be better in their future life.
Offers quality Home away Home Facility with mainstream education for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children
Vocational Training : Computer Education and related short –term courses, Job placements in Hotels, Non-Government offices and in Multi National Companies based on their education and interest
Preventing and controlling sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, and Tuberculosis (TB) among the Vulnerable Populations
Behavioural Change Communication (BCC) and Information Education and Communication (IEC) on STD, HIV/AIDS & Tuberculosis (TB).
Quality Sexually Transmitted Infections Care by extending Health Clinics and outreach health camps with Community friendly qualified Medical Team.
Enabling an Environment to access the essential services available wherever it is and to raise their voices against the social injustice, poverty and hunger.
Providing alternate livelihood options to those willing to rehabilitate
Skill development trainings such as to take –up jobs in the NGOs as Peer Educators, community coordinators, counsellors, Project Directors, Trainer of Trainees and Research works of Mapping and collecting information and etc.
Offers Computer and Vocational Trainings to School and College Drop outs and un employed vulnerable Youth.
Trainings on to take up small scale industrial works such as, to make products of Surf, Phenyl, Candle, Pickle preparations, Stitching and etc.
Financial Assistance to those who can undertake the betty business such as establishing local Telephone booths, road side tea and Tiffin centres and etc...
Financial Support to people living with HIV/AIDS to start Betty business so as to sustain the family needs.
Public Awareness Creation and Advocacy for a congenial and convergence environment
Creates public awareness programs on health and other important issues which might bring positive impact to the community and society at large.
Works with Government, National & International NGOs/Foundations, Faith based Organizations,CBOs , Net works, Corporate Houses, Schools, Colleges and General Public
Works with Policy Makers and Police Departments
Works with Print and Electronic Media